A Driven PR Team

We expect a great deal of ourselves and are constantly looking for ways to do what we do even better. Our need to excel is a little obsessive and our attention to detail compulsive.

Why Plan?

It's a long way from Land's End to John O'Groats and if you don't plan your journey carefully you may end up going the long way round, arriving late, disappointed and sore.  Plan your route, your rest and your mode of transport carefully and you're more likely to have the adventure and sense of achievement that you hoped for. 

It's all in the planning.

The PR plan will detail how we propose delivering your B2B PR strategy in terms of quantifiable PR deliverables.  We will explain how these deliverables interrelate and how they are expected to perform.  Expectation management is a key part of PR project management and knowing how many pieces of coverage to expect from a given piece of collateral is essential. 

It is also important to be aware of the impact of other factors.  There are those you can control such as providing interesting high quality photography, responding promptly to enquiries and being available to comment when required.  There are also factors you can’t control such as a major industry crisis or scandal, anything which commands the media attention and results in your story being squeezed out.  We will do all we can to ensure the factors we can control are well and truly buttoned down so that we make the most of available opportunities.

What’s in it?

The PR Plan provides clients with the absolute knowledge of what we are going to deliver in order to achieve the project objectives and as such it provides one measure of our performance.  The PR plan details the deliverables we will be using including tools which will probably be familiar to most marketing folk such as news releases, thought leadership, case studies, opinion pieces, press interviews media briefings, exhibition support etc.

The PR plan will identify the frequency and purpose of each component and what we will need in order to deliver each element.  After all it takes more than ‘media relations and press releases’ to tackle most communications challenges we are asked to address.

Notably the PR Plan is not a dumb device.  If we find in the course of our work that some tools are working more effectively than others we will recommend moving deliverables around.  In this way, with client agreement, we are constantly refining and improving the PR effectiveness.

Where relevant, we will also explain the process for integrating the PR Plan with your other communication partners.

Action Plan

If appropriate, we will then develop an Action Plan detailing the tactical chronology (what happens when!). This Action Plan will also identify where PR will impact with and support your other marketing activities and initiatives.  For example, if a direct mail and/or advertising campaign is being run to promote a particular initiative or conference it makes sense to align PR activity around it as well. If the clients marketing plan is still in flux the Action Plan can evolve along with it and many iterations may result.  The important thing is to make sure the various marketing activities are working in tandem to achieve the organisation’s objective.

An effecive London PR Company