A Dependable Approach

Our clients know that they can rely on us to deliver consistently, while working as a seamless extension of their own operation. We challenge, we engage and we are totally committed.

Our involvement in developing a communication strategy is largely driven by the amount of change your business requires, in order to become fully prepped in the power, handling and utilisation of PR.  You may have an idea of what you think you want your PR to do for you but how does that align with your other objectives, is it realistic and how will you measure its success?

This phase embraces:

  1. Intelligence - gathering and analysing information that may impact on the success of the project.  This could include a stakeholder perception audit, business unit benchmarking or any form of audience research really; all activities which involve mining for rich seams of valuable, actionable information.
  2. Strategic buy-in - many organisations will have senior staff with an established view of what PR can and cannot do and what it can contribute.  This can often limit the commitment and attention afforded to what is regarded as peripheral, non-critical activities.  Developing and providing evidence to change thinking and to secure strategic buy-in so that PR initiatives can be appropriately empowered can form an integral part of what Emmett & Smith is asked to do.
  3. Communication alignment - by working closely with established communications partners we can help achieve objectives with far greater time and cost efficiency.  Communication alignment increases the impact of what you say because all your channels are being consistent.
  4. Messaging development - we have developed our own workshops and consultancy programmes which can be deployed during this phase as required.  We help organisations to articulate and evidence a compelling proposition for their products or services.

It's fair to say that not every organisation needs every aspect of our three stage process; like us our process is intelligent and flexible - so you only ever buy what you actually need. 


Not all London PR Agencies are the same