Public Relations Resourcing: Is Outsourcing Your PR Ever a Good Idea?

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At the end of the day organisations will make their decision on whether to resource its Public Relations needs internally or externally as a result of a value assessment - does it get better value by recruiting internally or by outsourcing to a PR company. 

It’s fair to say that our view is partisan; however our clients’ experience of working with us is not.  We would encourage prospects to speak with our clients before deciding who to entrust with their reputation.

This is where our clients tell us we add value:

1. Greater value for money is derived because you have a larger range of PR experience available to you because unlike a person in-house you use portions of our time rather than having to contract whole weeks or months e.g. by buying in to Emmett & Smith you can have strategic PR counsel from Lorraine Emmett whenever required rather than having to employ a board level communications director.

2. By the same token administrative tasks will be carried out by an administrative level person and charged accordingly.

3. It is nigh on impossible to recruit an appropriately senior individual who is both able and willing to direct, manage and deliver the full range of a PR programme from strategy through writing and day-to-day media relations and reporting.

4. Outsourcing gives you access to a far wider range of experience of issues and opportunities because they are not limited to the experience of a single person in-house but to the entire team of PR professionals each of whom are working with a wide range of clients across different sectors.

5. You are buying into a 24/7 365 service which isn’t influenced by holidays, illness etc.

6. We are very experienced and able writers, producing feature length articles, case studies and opinion pieces on behalf of our clients on a daily basis - minimising the amount of time their experts have to invest in drafting material for the media.

7. The management time that you have to invest is reduced thanks to our in-house processes which deliver regular snapshots of the on-going PR programme.

8. The way we deliver our campaigns deliver the best of both worlds - because we behave like an in-house PR team; we give the flexibility and speed of response that you’d expect from an in-house team combined with the range of experience and guaranteed service of an external agency.

9. By operating as an extension of our clients’ marketing team; engaging daily and by being proactive we are immersed in our clients businesses and can function seamlessly.

10. If there is a service or skill set required by the client that neither the client nor Emmett & Smith currently holds the consultancy will use its extensive network of contacts to resource the requirement - resulting in minimum distraction or downtime in the client’s schedule.

11. The cost of briefing, searching, interviewing, recruiting, training and inducting a new employee are costs the organisation will have to absorb in timescales over which it has little real control.  We can start immediately and at no ‘ramp up’ cost.

12. Finally, an external partner is once removed from the problem and can provide objectivity and focus which can be impossible when you’re experiencing the challenge and viewing it from a proximity which can be claustrophobic!

As I said at the start this is a partisan view but I hope it helpd to clarify what you actually get from partnering with a proactive PR partner.  PR companies are generally rather poor at understanding and articulating where they add value which is perhaps rather odd bearing in mind what they do for a living – hopefully this provides some useful food for thought when preparing your PR resourcing for 2013

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