B2BPR: 5 top tips to engage visitors at OI2016

Posted By Liz Churchman | February 16 2016 | Tagged: , , , , , , ,

Exhibitions such as OI can provide you with the perfect opportunity to network with fellow industry experts, customers, prospects and the media.  However, striking up a conversation with a stranger can be daunting but our b2b approach to PR means we've got this covered with our five top tips to making new connections:

  1. Always prepare an icebreaker:  This could be as simple as your name and what you do (see #2) followed up by simple open questions (see #5) but do remember to smile!
  2. Think outside the box: Consider describing what you do in a more interesting way, for example, if you specialise in marine environmental protection, you could say that you are “the guardians of the deep”.  This isn’t about dumbing down what you do - it’s about being more accessible and memorable and encouraging conversation.
  3. It’s not about you, it’s about them:  Think about how you can put them at ease and  feel more comfortable about asking questions.  People don’t like to appear stupid so meet them on their level. Thinking about how the other person might be feeling will help you to manage nerves when talking to strangers.
  4. Remember, every connection is valuable: Whether it’s school children you could inspire, a politician you could influence, or a journalist you could educate, every interaction should be treated as an opportunity to practice being interesting and engaging.
  5. Prepare three questions: Encourage engagement by preparing three open-ended questions which aren’t too specific.  For example, “what are the three most interesting things you’ve discovered at the show so far?” This will give you some insight into the person and what they are interested in which will help you tailor your conversation.

B2B Exhibitions are a big investment so making sure you optimise how you engage with visitors is key to ensuring you get the best possible return.

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