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B2B PR: Struggling to get your news out?

Posted By Lorraine Emmett | July 01 2014 | Tagged: , , , , , ,

News can act as a bridge between you and your publics. It can serve to provide context and reassurance to stakeholders and act as a reminder of your existence between meetings. It can impress and influence those you may want to employ, to whom you want to sell and those whose support you need.

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B2B PR: Make waves at Oceanology 2014

Posted By Lorraine Emmett | March 05 2014 | Tagged: , , , , , , ,

There are currently 22 journalists registered to attend Oceanology. Each journalist will be looking for interesting stories regarding measuring, exploiting, protecting and operating in the world's oceans to form news & feature pages in their magazines & websites. If you have an opinion - share it.

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B2B PR: How to use your press coverage

Posted By Lorraine Emmett | February 05 2014 | Tagged: , , , ,

On a modest budget it is possible to achieve substantial trade press coverage more swiftly, regularly and with greater depth and breadth than it is with national press. The potential benefits are wide ranging from improved employee & customer engagement to better online visibility & SEO potential.

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