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Maximising Your Interview Experience

Posted By Emmett & Smith | January 07 2013 | Tagged: , ,

Achieving positive press coverage takes a little more than hoping for the best and planning for the worst. So, in the absence of formal media training here are some useful pointers to help you get the most out of your interview opportunity.

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PR Photography – A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words (so please put some effort in…)

Posted By Emmett & Smith | November 16 2012 | Tagged: , , ,

Despite the advances in smartphone technology and unless you have a photographer's eye even your 8 megapixel iPhone won't give you the kind of results that Picture Editors will accept.

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Public Relations Resourcing: Is Outsourcing Your PR Ever a Good Idea?

Posted By Emmett & Smith | November 01 2012 | Tagged: , , , ,

At the end of the day organisations will make their decision on whether to resource its Public Relations needs internally or externally as a result of a value assessment - does it get better value by recruiting internally or by outsourcing to a PR company.

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