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B2B PR: How to set meaningful communication objectives

Posted By Lorraine Emmett | July 06 2015 | Tagged: , , , , ,

Asking someone to ‘go and talk to the new recruits about what we do’ is an ill-defined objective because it gives no clearly defined desired outcome and a non-specific rambling chat is the likely result. ‘Go and inspire the new recruits to get involved in one or more of our innovative projects’....

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B2B PR: How to use your press coverage

Posted By Lorraine Emmett | February 05 2014 | Tagged: , , , ,

On a modest budget it is possible to achieve substantial trade press coverage more swiftly, regularly and with greater depth and breadth than it is with national press. The potential benefits are wide ranging from improved employee & customer engagement to better online visibility & SEO potential.

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B2B PR: How to secure feature coverage

Posted By Lorraine Emmett | January 03 2014 | Tagged: , , , , ,

If you've ever wondered why your competitors appear to have feature articles published in your target magazines with irritating regularity while you find it impossible to get even one placed. Here's how you can do it yourself without appointing a PR Company in London (but we're here if you need us!)

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