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Public Relations Resourcing: Is Outsourcing Your PR Ever a Good Idea?

Posted By Emmett & Smith | November 01 2012 | Tagged: , , , ,

At the end of the day organisations will make their decision on whether to resource its Public Relations needs internally or externally as a result of a value assessment - does it get better value by recruiting internally or by outsourcing to a PR company.

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Social Media: Haute Couture or Emperor's New Clothes

Posted By Emmett & Smith | July 22 2012 | Tagged: , , , , ,

Social media provides a new and exciting communications channel, but in the final analysis it’s just a channel. The PR Professional still needs to ensure that he or she is hitting the correct audience for the client and providing content that adds value.

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A penny for your thoughts…

Posted By Emmett & Smith | June 01 2012 | Tagged: , , , ,

A thought leader is a person with a strong, well-formed view or opinion rooted in an area of expertise. Thought leadership is the process of capturing those opinions and using them to educate stakeholders to deliver specific, pre-defined, objectives.

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