Educate, Inform, Persuade

Our clients are diverse by industry, region and culture yet they share three core characteristics: they are commercially astute, they have a clear sense of direction and they enjoy strong leadership. In this section you can explore some of projects that we have delivered.

In 2013 the new Chief Executive found that few of its functions, internal or external were performing to acceptable standards. Emmett & Smith was asked to conduct a communications audit, which evolved into a business planning project, to establish options for change to enable and facilitate the implementation of the CEO’s vision.

The scope of the project expanded as information was fed back to BII’s CEO. This altered how Emmett and Smith approached the task with a change of focus from a communications audit to a business planning exercise. Emmett & Smith initially gathered intelligence by conducted informal face to face interviews with key staff involved in internal or external communications functions. Additional interviews took place with BII staff members who had operational relationships with suppliers as well as existing and potential suppliers. All interviews were carried out on a non-attributable basis to promote the flow of information.

Comprehensive information to enable informed business decisions to move the business forward was secured. The root causes of the underperformance were identified and summarised in eleven key findings. Multiple options for working with resources in order to improve performance were detailed against each conclusion.  Business critical investments were identified and associated recommendations made. A clear change management programme was drawn up including costs and timings.

Tim Hulme, Chief Executive: “The project was conducted at a critical stage in the BIIs evolution and provided invaluable intelligence and business planning insight. With independent third-party guidance I have been able to make key decisions in the knowledge that they are being taken in the best interests of the BII. Emmett & Smith delivered a substantial and challenging project swiftly, intelligently and with a close eye on the nuances of business management”