Educate, Inform, Persuade

Our clients are diverse by industry, region and culture yet they share three core characteristics: they are commercially astute, they have a clear sense of direction and they enjoy strong leadership. In this section you can explore some of the projects we have delivered.

In four slides we have summarised the FLAGSHIP dissemination activity but it's probably the feedback of which we are most proud.

Mr Herman de Meester, Coordinator of FLAGSHIP: “Emmett & Smith managed this task efficiently and energetically.  The team’s knowledge of the maritime industry and its press was invaluable as it ensured that we could get an intense campaign off to a flying start.  I am happy to recommend Emmett & Smith without reservation.” 

Fernando Caldeira-Saraiva, Research Director at BMT Group Limited: "The PR campaign led by Lorraine for our Flagship project was easily 10 times more effective than the best I had hoped for. The output in terms of articles appearing in the World press was nothing short of amazing. I would definitely endorse her and will use her many more times in the future."

Julian Stephen, Technical Development Manager at MJC2: "Excellent work undertaken for the FLAGSHIP and FAST projects." 

Ørnulf Jan Rødseth, Research Director MARINTEK: "Lorraine and her company did a great job in assisting us in the dissemination of a large EU research project's results to the relevant media. The coverage obtained was very good and much higher than expected. I am very satisfied with the services provided."