Educate, Inform, Persuade

Our clients are diverse by industry, region and culture yet they share three core characteristics: they are commercially astute, they have a clear sense of direction and they enjoy strong leadership. In this section you can explore some of the projects we have delivered.

Cambridge English, part of the University of Cambridge, offers the world’s most valuable range of English qualifications.  Many of its subject matter experts have had some experience of responding to questions from the media but few had received recent or formal training and few felt absolutely confident in their abilities to effectively manage an interview situation. It was agreed that the subject matter experts would benefit from formal media training.

A bespoke exPRession workshop was designed. The morning focussed on providing the team with an understanding of the drivers and requirements of the different types of media.  Emmett & Smith then introduced TASER, a set of rules of engagement which act as guidelines for the afternoon’s practical sessions. After lunch mock interviews were undertaken, with video and group feedback giving participants the opportunity to experience the interview situation in a safe environment. All scenarios were bespoke to the individuals’ area of expertise.

Cambridge English delegates left the workshop with a clear understanding of what would be expected of them in an interview situation, as well as being better equipped to identify and handle the pitfalls and opportunities that engaging with the press can present.

Stephen McKenna, Assistant Director Communications and Stakeholder Relations at Cambridge English said: “the workshop delivered exactly as it was supposed to.  The participants went away with plenty to think about and equipped to perform more effectively in front of journalists.  The tailored scenarios helped us to focus on the task at hand in a way that was relevant.”