Educate, Inform, Persuade

Our clients are diverse by industry, region and culture yet they share three core characteristics: they are commercially astute, they have a clear sense of direction and they enjoy strong leadership. In this section you can explore some of the projects we have delivered.

The requirement was for embryonic ‘state of the nation’ briefing speeches for the UK Country President to deliver to political and wider stakeholder audiences.  The purpose of the speech was to educate audiences on energy issues of the day, explain the factors hampering progress and to introduce the range of possible solutions and technical developments into the future. Implicit in the requirement was the need to promote Alstom as the premier supplier of energy products, as well as an impartial advisor on energy infrastructure policy.


Interviews with the subject matter experts were undertaken to refine content, secure preferred structure and establish thought process. Detailed desk research supplemented Emmett & Smith’s extensive knowledge in the sector. Drafts were submitted prior to detailed review and development of the final edits. Face to face meetings with the speaker to ensure style, content and tone was in line with the individual’s personal preferences.

  • Three speeches were produced, a 20 minute version as well as two 12 minute edits for a lunch and dinner delivery.  The speech provided a thorough briefing that would inform and engage the critical attending stakeholders.
  • Facts that exploded common myths and equipped the guests with interesting facts which they could pass on to colleagues, were woven in to the speech

Steve Burgin, Country President & Head of Power:“Emmett & Smith deployed a senior team to work on this important project which needed rapid turn around. Their knowledge of the sector, familiarity with the company and close understanding of the speaker resulted in a piece of work which clearly and accurately summarised the energy issues of the day. A logical, well argued and broad ranging briefing, the speech will form the first part of a platform to be used to inform and educate our stakeholders of the critical issues we face today. The briefing received recognition and plaudits from the Energy Minister.”