Educate, Inform, Persuade

Our clients are diverse by industry, region and culture yet they share three core characteristics: they are commercially astute, they have a clear sense of direction and they enjoy strong leadership. In this section you can explore some of the projects we have delivered.

BMT is a global multi-disciplinary maritime engineering consultancy comprising 23 subsidiaries each serving clients in the energy, transport and defence sectors. In 2009 the external PR function was regarded with some cynicism resulting from a decade of lacklustre PR performance.  As the incoming PR partner Emmett & Smith’s job was to open channels of communication, set and manage expectations whilst developing strong, working relationships with BMT’s Directors to help refine the Group PR Strategy.

An intensive and structured fact finding programme involving recorded interviews with 35 subsidiary MDs and Senior Group Executives, including the Sector and Regional Directors, FD and BMT Group Chairman was commissioned.

Emmett & Smith analysed and reported on the project findings to BMT’s Executive Management Board.  Resistances to PR were identified and tactics put in place to address these.  Relationships were established which enabled communication to flow effectively.  Specific concerns were either confirmed or disproved allowing decisions to be made, and Emmett & Smith was able to indicate where local priorities might conflict with Group strategy and proposed a possible work around.  The findings also indicated where the Group business strategy might be challenged by inherent traits and behaviours.

Jenni Williamson, Group Marketing Manager: “The project was invaluable both in terms of intelligence gathering and as a means to rapidly establish relationships with the senior operators within the group.  Emmett & Smith has effectively used the knowledge and contacts made during the project to deliver high quality media coverage tied tightly to our business strategy, while being sensitive to individual business challenges and objectives.”