Wherever You Need Us

Our PR skills are completely transferrable between markets sectors. We are particularly good at interpreting complex, technical and academic concepts into interesting and engaging content. Our reach is scaled to your requirements whether regional, national or global.

The defence industry is a complex one and being able to communicate effectively within it requires knowledge, intelligence and political acumen, sensitive to individual country’s interests and objectives.

Being able to collaborate effectively with Government Agencies around the world and their Communications Department requires empathy and a light touch.  We understand that there are multiple stakeholders involved, all of whom have a range of different interests and priorities which require due consideration.  Complex hierarchies need to be engaged in the approvals process in order to ensure outcomes are meaningful, beneficial and appropriate confidentialities are maintained.

In order to help our clients operate in this complex and mobile environment we mirror our clients’ agility by being flexible, pragmatic and responsive to change.  In practical terms this means we are able to help our clients promote products and services being brought to market extremely quickly, such as those introduced for both strategic and tactical reason during Operation Herrick in Afghanistan. We can help clients convey the rapid change and what it means, to their stakeholders.

We recognise that defence procurement departments worldwide are facing budget cuts and fewer resources and as such, there is a greater demand for innovation and an increased reliance on cutting edge technology from industry partners.  We work closely with industry journalists to create powerful content which not only showcases our clients’ capabilities but provides a platform through which their experts can challenge and stimulate debate – otherwise known as thought leadership. 

Recent services our clients have called upon include:

  • Award submissions – public recognition on a local, national or international basis can reinforce our clients’ successes and expertise.  It can also help build relationships with their customers where they are included in a nomination or win and the ensuing publicity.
  • Crisis mitigation – campaigners can make life difficult for people and organisations that work in the defence industry.  By engaging and contributing to the local community and by becoming part of local life some potential problems can be avoided.  In other instances, we proactively communicate that our client is not involved in manufacturing offensive weapon systems but develops systems and platforms to protect servicemen doing their job.  We also design and put in place crisis communication plans to be deployed when required.
  • Exhibition support – we have supported our clients at key industry events including DSEI.  This has included developing content to engage the media; pre-show media relations up to three months prior to secure key press, as well press pack management and press office liaison. 
  • Media training – we have delivered a number of bespoke training sessions for delegates who operate within the defence arena on a day to day basis.  Based on real life projects that are a priority for our client, each delegate undertakes practical exercises which are tailored to their areas of expertise.  This ensures that the training remains relevant and engaging.
  • News management – we consistently deliver newsworthy stories for our clients which spark the interests of the defence trade media, resulting in high quality coverage in pinnacle press such as IHS Jane’s, Desider and Defense News. 
  • Thought leadership – our ability to understand the bigger picture allows us to position our clients as credible experts who can not only provide insightful opinions, but can create and lead thought provoking debates on some of the key issues facing the global defence market.  On behalf of our clients we have developed articles discussing: complexities surrounding defence procurement; amphibious warfare – the next generation and ensuring the safety of equipment and assets.