Wherever You Need Us

Our PR skills are totally transferrable between markets sectors. We are particualrly good at interpreting complex, technical and academic concepts into interesting and engaging content. Our reach is scaled to your requirements whether regional, national or global.

Effective science and technology communication is essential to enable governments, NGOs and industry to understand and adopt appropriate innovation and capability in development strategies.  Clarity and accuracy of information is critical as is the provision of informed opinion to enable robust decision making.

We work with our clients and editors to shape content that qualifies and quantifies innovation and its application in the real world in a way that is both engaging and relevant to stakeholders. This is key to ensuring the PR programme is both compelling and effective.

There is however a place for flights of fantasy which feed the imagination with regards to engineering and scientific possibilities.  These are wonderful projects to promote and gain an unfair share of media and public interest - evidence perhaps that people like to embrace the apparently impossible. These stories are great PR opportunities and can be used strategically to secure a platform to talk about less dramatic but more realistic projects.

Our science and technology clients work in many different sectors including:

  • broadcast
  • maritime
  • retail
  • telco
  • transport

We help industry, science and technology providers to communicate with clarity and confidence. We work with researchers, technology providers and industries that are transforming our world. Their skill sets are diverse, specialised and highly complex.

Our PR clients in science span academic, institutional and corporate sectors.