A Dependable PR Team

Our clients know that they can rely on us to deliver consistently, while working as a seamless extension of their own operation. We challenge, we engage and we are totally committed.

A thorough, well-orchestrated and prompt PR response to a crisis situation can reflect well on an organisation.

Excalibur is Emmett & Smith's bespoke crisis communication planning and management tool. It includes a step by step approach to diagnose crisis-readiness and a structured programme to help equip the management team to deal effectively with communication demands as they emerge, in a controlled and professional manner.

Excalibur has been used effectively at both long and short range to deal with critical and usually unexpected, business predicaments.

Endorsed by:

Michael Breen, CEO of Blitz Charter Group: “The main difference between Emmett & Smith and other PR companies is that they are never complacent and chase everything to see it through from conception to completion. Their flexible and rapid approach is designed to deliver results”.