A Dependable PR Team

Our clients know that they can rely on us to deliver consistently, while working as a seamless extension of their own operation. We challenge, we engage and we are totally committed.

Despite press releases being at the heart of the field of Public Relations, it still amazes us how PR companies can get them so wrong!  We have a proven track record in crafting newsworthy stories for our clients which not only convey the organisation's key messages, but spark interest with the media channels we target.

A news release should always start with a short informative title.  It should comprise a series of short informative paragraphs.  The subject of the release should be introduced in the first paragraph providing the most important piece of news.  The paragraph should be written so that it could stand alone as a short news item. 

The second and subsequent paragraphs should be succinct comprising short intelligible sentences which elaborate on the information given in the first paragraph. It should be possible to edit the news release from the bottom up, paragraph by paragraph - so each paragraph should be complete in itself.

If the press release is considerably over a page in length, the paragraph or sentence should not be split. Anyone quoted in the copy should be available for interview or comment after the release has been sent out.  There’s no point in positioning someone as a spokesperson if they’re on holiday.

The end of a release should always be clearly indicated and editorial contact details provided. Every release should be accompanied by two or three good quality photographs.

Finally, and most importantly, a news release must always be sent to named media contacts never info@, news@ certainly not features@.