A Dependable PR Team

Our clients know that they can rely on us to deliver consistently, while working as a seamless extension of their own operation. We challenge, we engage and we are totally committed.

Why do research?

Whether your audience is internal or external, robust insight informs and empowers a communication strategy.  It equips you to make better business decisions and enables your B2B PR to be more effective.

Our preferred way of working with clients is to undertake a piece of research before we start a b2b PR campaign. This helps us to better understand our clients, their purpose, their people and their audiences.  Invariably the process reveals a body of information that is completely new to our client and just as unexpected.  Suspicions are often dispelled and new priorities emerge - generating a new, positive dynamic. 

Start at the end

The purpose of research can vary and will be dependent on the apparent priorities or information voids that exist within the organisation when we start partnering with them.  With every project we start at the end - what outcome are we looking for? What gaps are we seeking to fill? Once we know where we are going we can create the process to get there. Simples!

360 degree insight

Knowing, not assuming or best-guessing or using your gut but really knowing your stakeholders is what our research helps you to achieve. How they perceive their challenges, priorities and aspirations and where you, and your competitors, fit into their world.  This kind of knowledge can be the difference between success or failure, sound investment or wasted spending.

By clearly understanding how your own teams relate to each other as well as how they relate to, and understand, the organisation and its wants and needs, can also help you to decide where the most effective use of effort and budget may lie.

Specific outcomes

Choosing a focus for your research project is important.  Here are some objectives that repeatedly find their way in to our research briefs:

  1. What are our customers and prospects immediate priorities (i.e. what are we competing with to get their attention)
  2. What information do our customers/prospects rely on to help them make decisions (i.e. where do we need to appear in order to be seen and to be credible)
  3. What do our customers/prospects think we offer and do they think we are any good at it? (i.e. what is our primary task)
  4. What are the barriers to entry in this marketplace (i.e. What is stopping them from considering partnering with/buying from us)

In Summary

Stakeholder research undertaken at the outset of a b2b PR campaign provides insight into organisational and project requirements, goals and competencies, as well as individual biases, personalities and tensions which may influence how we go about achieving the public relations and communication objectives.

Significantly, a thorough communications audit can allay fears while bringing into sharp focus hidden weaknesses or contradictions.  Small businesses may find they are spreading themselves too thinly while forgetting what their clients value most about them.  Larger organisations can lose their agility and get distracted by petty, irrelevant politics or bureaucracy.

Our approach helps to refocus attention on what is important and helps organisations to invest energy in better performance.