A Dependable PR Team

Our clients know that they can rely on us to deliver consistently, while working as a seamless extension of their own operation. We challenge, we engage and we are totally committed.

Technical Authorship is a skill that we work hard to refine and improve because of the considerable benefits it reaps for our clients. 

Most organisations were set up because someone somewhere thought it would be a good idea.  They identified that a need existed and believed that they had the skills to meet that need effectively.  To become successful and to compete against alternative providers, organisations have to harness and leverage their expertise - which most often resides in the heads of some very clever people.  What we do is extract the interesting material and present it in a form that editors want to publish and audiences want to read.  This means that privately held intelligence in the heads of your experts is made to work in public in the interests of your organisation.

Technical Authorship is not just reserved for science and technology operations.  Technical authorship is relevant wherever important complex subject matter needs decoding or interpreting to make it intelligible and attractive to the desired audience. That said, we have worked extensively with global engineering businesses to capture and build awareness for their technical excellence; essentially turning complex ideas into engaging pieces of in-depth communication. 

The process we use to secure high quality coverage is by producing content that people want - this is fundamental to the way we approach B2B PR.  We achieve this by working closely with our client’s and the target magazine to produce ideas for feature articles.  Once the editor has agreed to take the feature we interview the subject matter expert (usually an engineer/scientist) who will be the ‘author’ for the piece, then we draft the article. Everything is approved in writing by the client communications teams and the ‘author’ before being submitted to the editor with images. 

We will also work the synopsis with all the related target media and seek additional placements for the feature – ensuring maximum placements can be secured and improving ROI.  Amongst our core media we have established a reputation for delivering high quality material which helps us to consistently achieve this level of performance.