A Dependable PR Team

Our clients know that they can rely on us to deliver consistently, while working as a seamless extension of their own operation. We challenge, we engage and we are totally committed.

Our ability to deliver in-depth technical authoring of complex issues and industry commentary is something we believe we do better than anyone else in the world.  These articles are designed to demonstrate our clients' depth of knowledge and thought leadership in their chosen markets.

Thought leadership delivers a multitude of benefits not least by demonstrating that an organisation has strong, informed and intelligent leadership. Intelligent thought leadership will set a standard against which competitors will be measured and their arguments and capabilities assessed.

Our approach to securing feature length opportunities for clients is proven and highly effective:

  • We work with the subject matter expert to decide what they want to communicate and, ideally, where they would like the article to appear
  • We develop a synopsis describing what the proposed article will cover bearing in mind the client's objectives and the magazine's priorities and interests; after all the article will only be effective if it engages the readers - to get that opportunity we must first inspire the editor.
  • Our ideas are well thought out and we usually secure multiple placements for each synopsis.  Sometimes an exclusive is requested but we have found that with thoughtful editing we can manage these to everyone's satisfaction.  One of our client's features was requested by no less than 12 publications - three to four however would be more common.
  • A recorded, structured, 30-minute interview with your subject matter expert will equip us with what we need to draft the article which we submit for clients approval before dispatching to the media.